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If you’re involved in divorce proceedings in Columbus, OH, it’s best to have an experienced divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak to advise and represent you. Having an attorney also makes it easier to resolve the thorny issues that characterize divorces. Ultimately, you’ll have a stress-free divorce with successful results for both parties.

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The divorce process can be emotionally distressful and disorienting. Most people think the legal restructuring of the couple’s property rights is the most significant aspect of divorce, but that’s far from the truth. Child custody and visitation rights must be prioritized for couples with kids to safeguard the best interests of the young ones. 

Whether your divorce in Columbus is contested or uncontested, you need a skilled attorney to protect your rights. The attorneys at the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak provide creative, aggressive, and savvy advice and representation to protect your rights, interests, and financial well-being during the divorce proceedings. Let us stand for your rights and keep your kids protected throughout the emotional process. 

We understand how emotional a divorce can get, thanks to our experience handling dozens of divorce cases. For this reason, our team is committed to ensuring that the best interest of the child and your parental rights and responsibilities get upheld. In each divorce case we handle, we forge a robust attorney-client relationship to ensure our clients always have compassionate guidance whenever they need it. 


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Rony R.
Rony R.
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I highly recommend Dmitriy Borshchak to anyone going through a divorce. He helps navigate you through the process, gives you the information you need to make decisions, and keeps it moving. Thanks Dmitriy
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Efrain T.
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100% recommended, attorney Jonathan Pope is a great family lawyer and professional, he took my case and carefully listened and provided a thorough explanation about the process. After the case was submitted attorney Jonathan Pope kept me posted in every stage of the process and he made sure my child’s interest and mine were covered by efficiently reaching an agreement taht was beneficial for both parties.

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Divorce cases often involve a lot of personal conflicts and blame games. As such, it isn’t surprising that divorce proceedings in Ohio and elsewhere often drag for longer than necessary. With our understanding of Ohio’s divorce laws and acknowledgment of the heartache divorcing couples go through, we’re committed to making the process as quick as possible. 

As the go-to family and divorce lawyers in Columbus, OH., we empathize with our clients and treat them as part of our family. When divorcing, you need someone you can turn to for assistance and advice, and we’re there to help whenever we can. Right from the initial consultation, our team will work with you to pinpoint all the possibilities for securing the best outcomes. 

Since starting, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves by taking a proactive and aggressive approach in every divorce matter we handle. The attorneys at the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak are ready to explore every legal option to help you secure the best possible outcome in your divorce proceedings. When family matters are involved, don’t gamble on your future and well-being when you have an experienced team to count on. 

Taking Care of What Matters

When divorcing your spouse, you’ll undoubtedly have your differences. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t stop you from seeing the bigger picture—the well-being of your kids. Without an attorney, divorce proceedings can be more stressful and longer than they should. When you come to us, we’ll listen to your situation before helping you choose the right path to take and protect your rights and interests. 

When kids are in the picture, the negotiations should be kept short and without hostilities. Whether you want a shared parenting arrangement or full custody of your kids, our team prioritizes your needs and ensures you get what you deserve amicably. After all, we’re here to protect what matters. 

Professional Approach to Divorce

Each divorce case that reaches us is different. Likewise, there are dozens of paths we can take when handling divorce proceedings. Depending on your situation, we will listen to you before charting the best way forward. Contrary to what you may think, divorce negotiations, especially those relating to child custody, don’t need to be hostile. For this reason, our team prioritizes an amicable separation to protect the child’s best interest. We always want to secure what our clients deserve without any conflicts. If and when the divorce proceeds to litigation, you will need someone who understands Ohio’s divorce laws and how to fight for what’s yours. We always prepare each of our cases for litigation to ensure you have an advantage throughout the proceedings.
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Ohio's Divorce Laws

According to Ohio’s family law, child custody gets allocated in two ways: 

In either case, the divorcing spouses get to enjoy parental rights. Nonetheless, the residential parent holds the child’s primary rights and responsibilities, while divorcing couples in shared parenting divide the child’s rights and responsibilities. 

Types of Child Custody in Ohio

The Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak helps clients with different child custody arrangements to protect the needs of the divorcing couples and their young ones. There are many types of child custody arrangements, including: 

Sole Custody

As the name implies, this arrangement entails one parent having complete custody of the child. In this case, the custodial parent is responsible for the child’s well-being and solely takes action regarding the young one’s care and welfare. The parent with sole custody is referred to as the primary custodial parent. 

Shared Custody

Sometimes, courts deem it fit to split custody. In this case, the child will have time with both parents. This is the most common child custody arrangement in Ohio for divorced and unmarried couples. 

Grandparent Visitation Rights and Custody

Ohio law stipulates that courts can award visitation or companionship rights to a child’s grandparents during and after the divorce proceedings. Grandparents can only receive visitation rights and custody if they have an interest in the young ones’ welfare. They must also prove they have the child’s best interest at heart. 

Child custody in Ohio is broken down further into two physical and legal custody. One parent can get full legal custody of the child and share physical custody, and vice versa. 

Physical Vs. Legal Custody

Physical Custody

When a parent is seeking physical custody, the court will consider where the parents live. For instance, if they live in different states, the parent living close to where the child resides will likely get sole physical custody. Conversely, if both parents live close to the child’s school, they’re likely to share joint physical custody. 

Legal Custody

When one parent is granted legal custody rights, they are deemed responsible for all the crucial decisions that impact the child. Legal custody falls under two categories, joint legal custody, and sole legal custody.

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How Do Ohio Courts Decide on Child Custody?

When it comes to selecting who gets child custody in Ohio, courts often consider many things. For the young one’s best interests to be protected, courts often look for evidence that the child will be safe and well cared for by the parent who gets custody. 

The parents’ marital status is another essential consideration when determining custody. If the parents aren’t married, Ohio law often gives custody to the mother. The court can also rule o whether a parent is unsuitable to care for a child by considering these key questions: 

  • Is there a history of domestic violence or child abuse? 
  • Do the parents have a history of alcohol or substance abuse? 
  • Are there any psychiatric concerns that may hamper the child’s welfare? 
  • Is there evidence that either of the parents can’t make age-appropriate decisions for the young one? 
  • Can the custodial parent communicate with the child effectively? 
  • Can the parent provide safe and adequate living conditions? 
  • Can the young one choose the parent they want to live with? 

Child Custody Modification

Under Ohio law, child custody arrangements can get modified to reflect the best interests of the child. Some of the circumstances that can force the modification of custody arrangements include a parent moving to another city, a change in the custodial parent’s financial situation, and a change in marital status. If you want to modify a child custody order, you must file a modification motion with the court. Modifications aren’t always difficult, especially when the parents agree on the requested changes. If either of the parents contests the modification motion, the court can subject it to further scrutiny. If you’re looking to modify your child custody arrangement, you can count on the attorneys at the Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak for legal assistance. We’re here to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for you.

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