How Long is a Legal Separation Good For in Ohio?

Generally speaking, a legal separation in Ohio is indefinite. That means that once you and your spouse are legally separated, it can only be overturned by the court. While legal separation is a viable option for many people, it is not always the best solution.

Depending on your circumstances, a divorce or dissolution of marriage might be a better option. Speaking with an experienced family law lawyer in Columbus can help to shed light on the solutions that work best for your situation.

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Why Should I Get a Legal Separation Vs a Divorce in Ohio?

The process and issues legal separation and divorce in Ohio deal with are largely the same. However, after the legal separation is official, you and your spouse are still married. In many ways, there is still hope for your relationship. On the other hand, divorces are final.

You may choose legal separation over divorce in Columbus for many reasons such as:

●     You and your spouse are not ready to give up on the marriage and need space while you figure it out.

●     Financial reasons (i.e., taxes, social security, etc.)

●     Continued medical coverage

●     Divorce is not allowed in your religion or your spouse’s religion

●     You have children and don’t think they are ready for divorce

Regardless of your reason for legal separation in Ohio, it’s important to note that you and your spouse must adhere to all orders issued once finalized.

How Does a Legal Separation Work In Ohio?

Ohio requires you to file a petition for legal separation based on specific “grounds.” They include but are not limited to:

●     Cheating

●     One spouse was physically and willfully absent from the marriage for at least one year

●     Alcohol or drug addiction

●     Abuse or cruelty

●     You and your spouse are not compatible

●     You have lived apart from your spouse for at least one year and have not had any sexual relationship or cohabitated during that time

If you and your spouse decide to get legally separated, the court case will address issues such as child support, alimony, division of property, visitation rights, and more.

How Long Can You Stay Legally Separated?

You and your spouse can stay legally separated in Ohio for as long as necessary. It’s important to note that merely living apart from your spouse does not equate to a legal separation. You or your spouse must file a suit for legal separation.

Verbal agreements to legally separate are not binding or enforceable. That means that if one partner does not uphold their end of the agreement (without an official legal separation), the other has no way of holding them accountable.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Legally Separated in Ohio?

How much it costs to get legally separated in Ohio depends on where you file. In Franklin County, you can expect court fees for legal separation to start at $175. However, in other areas of Ohio, fees could be as high as $350 or more. That’s not including the legal fees.

Also, you can expect to pay more if your separation involves children. Speak with an experienced divorce lawyer in Columbus to discuss your options.

Can You Date While Separated?

You and your spouse have the right to date whoever you want during a legal separation. However, you cannot remarry unless your divorce is finalized. While there are no laws restricting you from dating, it’s essential to consider the implications of doing so. That’s especially true if you are going through a separation with children in Ohio.

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Your legal separation can last as long as you, your spouse, and your children need it. However, if you are going to get legally separated, it’s essential that you know your rights and entitlements.

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