Going through a divorce is not only an emotionally difficult decision, but it can be costly and destructive as well if the proper measures are not taken to ensure a smoother, less contentious process. For couples who have children, it is particularly critical to minimize hostility and to promote a more peaceful split that can help pave the way toward cooperative co-parenting in the future.

This is where divorce mediation comes in. If you and your spouse are open to participating in mediation and interested in working toward mutually beneficial decisions rather than leaving your divorce settlement up to a judge, you might want to consider mediation. Yes, you are going to have to work on some compromises, but overall, this is going to be the most cost-effective and peaceful way to go about dissolving your marriage.

Below are some of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation:

  • It puts your children first: Litigation is an inherently more hostile process for divorcing spouses and their families to endure. You are in and out of court, demand letters are being sent back and forth, and the fight between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can become so overwhelming that you are unable to focus on the needs of your children. Mediation, unlike litigation, is not an adversarial process. During the mediation process, issues are often resolved faster due to its more cooperative nature. Considering the fact that you will both continue to be in each other’s lives as parents, it is important to nurture a healthier relationship for the well-being of your children.
  • Mediation is usually more peaceful: A divorce mediator is neutral and will not advocate for either side, but rather work toward helping both sides find resolutions that are mutually beneficial. Unlike a court battle, which can feel a lot like one side will lose while the other side wins, the goal is peace rather than all-out war.
  • Mediation is much more efficient: When a divorce goes through litigation, you are tied to the schedule of a court. Unfortunately, getting a court take can take time, which can ultimately prolong your divorce. Given how many schedules are involved, from your own to your respective lawyers, a divorce can potentially take up to two to three years. Instead of getting stuck in limbo, opt for mediation, which is a much more efficient process. In fact, it can take as little as two to three months since both you and your spouse will be in control of the process, eliminating the hassle of having to coordinate schedules with judges or waiting for a court date.
  • Couples who go through mediation have a higher rate of compliance: This should not be a surprise. After all, who enjoys being told what to do? Let’s face it, you will not get everything you want in a divorce settlement, no matter how you go about it. However, more often than not, both parties are dissatisfied with the results of divorce litigation. The difference here is that the resolution get from mediation will be one that you were personally involved in and worked for. You will both have a say in what is most important and what you are willing to compromise on. This is far more control than you could ever hope to have through the litigation process. This is why couples who craft their own divorce settlement through mediation have a higher rate of compliance. The fact is that you are not likely to ignore an agreement you partook in creating.
  • Mediation is a private and confidential process: Remember, when you go through divorce litigation, this is a public process. Anyone can sit in the courtroom and watch the proceedings, including your friends and family. Mediation is an entirely private process. Therefore, the only people who know what is being discussed, is you, your spouse, the mediator, and your respective attorneys if you choose to have them present. You can feel more at ease and free to discuss whatever you choose during your mediation sessions without worrying about having to share the intimate details of your life with anyone who has an interest in it.

Mediation Attorney in Columbus

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce and are open to the negotiation process, you might want to consider mediation as a less stressful, more cost-effective method for ending your marriage. At The Law Office of Dmitriy Borshchak, we provide mediation services in Columbus that are designed to assist you quickly and peacefully solving your family law issues.